16 Mar 2020

When Should I Consider Air Conditioning Replacement?

Timing Air conditioning replacement can be tricky! Throughout this winter season and now into the Spring, heating systems in North Phoenix have been hard at work. Some have been working harder than others. Some have been sputtering and struggling to keep you warm during the colder nights in the desert.

Spring is here and, on many days, your heating system can rest. There’s only one problem. Summer will be here before you know it. That same system that struggled in the winter, will also struggle in the summer.

Those weird noises, that musty smell, and those conversations you had with your HVAC system, begging it to “don’t quit on me now” will return in the hot summer months.

These are early warning signs that it’s time to get help for your Phoenix home A.C. system. In the hot summer months, your thermometer may stop working, your coils could continually freeze, or your condenser may stop condensing. These are conversations your air conditioning system is having with you, begging you, “This is Phoenix, dude, I’m old and you need a new unit.”

You have your reasons for not replacing your air conditioning unit. And they are valid reasons. You don’t know if you can find affordable care in Phoenix. You wonder what the process involves and how much it will interfere with your work schedule.

You may even wonder if repairing your air conditioner in your Phoenix home one more year is better than replacing it.

Often, worries like this creep in because you don’t have the knowledge you need to make the decision. Below you can find answers to your questions and knowledge about why replacing an air conditioning unit could be your best decision in a long while when it comes to home improvements.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older air conditioning systems take a lot of energy to work. The more energy spent, the more money it takes to run the system. With modern energy efficiency guidelines set forth by the government, you can expect to see big savings. Furthermore, you can write off some of those expenses at tax time.

Becoming more efficient can reduce the environmental footprint you leave also.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

If your air conditioning system is not running correctly, that means it is not able to make your indoor air quality the best it can be. Your filters can’t filter correctly. Meaning pollutants and allergens are circulating inside your home. If you have noticed more illness and allergy symptoms this year, this could be the reason.

Long-Lasting Systems

Most things were built better in the good old days. But with air conditioning systems, they are still built to last. Most new systems last a decade or longer. This is due to the improved weather guards for the outdoor parts of the system.

The new systems, like Trane of Phoenix, also use more durable materials like aluminum that can outlast other materials.

Lower Humidity

Many old units produce more humidity in the home because they are struggling to perform. If you have dampness in your home, this could be due to your air conditioning system.

Humidity in the home can lead to the growth of mold, making you and your family at risk for illness.

Air is Better Conditioned

If you have noticed a change in how your air feels. If you have experienced varying levels of heat or coolness, you see dust particles coming out of the vents, or the air blows strong, weak, and sometimes not at all, this is not good.

The goal of an air conditioning and heating system is to filter and condition your air so that you experience the cleanest air at the right temperature, with the least amount of noise and distraction.

Newer systems come with guarantees and warranties to make sure this happens for you for many years.

Less Stress

When it’s 100 degrees outside, and it will be this hot this summer, you will worry more that your air conditioning system is going to break, unless you install a new system now. You do not want to be that person who tried to make it one more summer with your old air conditioner, only to have it break down while being overworked on the hottest days.

Many people do this and cause massive delays when your Phoenix A.C. service technician can come to your home for an estimate, fix, or install.

Installing a new HVAC in your Phoenix home now can save you time, money, and stress in the future.