02 Apr 2020

Six Types of Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioner has been out of your mind for months now. Your heating system may be running fine but that does not mean your air conditioning systems are up to par.

Now is the time to check in with your air conditioning system. Hopefully, you will find everything is operating as it should. Some of you, however, will need to give your air conditioner a little love. Others will need to replace your air conditioning system.

If you fall into the “replacer” category, you are lucky. Yes, lucky. That’s because you have so many options for a new air conditioner. Knowing these options will help you book a service with your HVAC contractor and communicate to them what you are seeking.

Below are six types of air conditioning systems for which you can choose if you need to replace your HVAC system.

Window Air Conditioner

Low price is one of the reasons many people choose a window air conditioning system. They are also easy to install, don’t take up much space, and today, are made to be energy efficient. On the other hand, you must be okay with an air conditioner hanging out of your window.

You must also have a window that can support an air conditioning unit. Window units are designed to cool the room in which it is installed so it’s key to get the right-sized unit for space.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioning systems can be moved from room to room. They are standing floor models on wheels. While that sounds simple, there are some things you must do to help the unit run. For instance, the humidity that is pulled from your air must go somewhere. It’s very important you direct the water outside a window or into a bucket to avoid damage to your flooring.

Portable units do not require installation, do not cost much, and many provide dehumidifying benefits at the same time.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems are often seen as the Kings of cooling among Phoenix residents. Many find this is the best way to improve your indoor air quality while circulating cool air throughout your home. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your system out of your window.

While these systems cost a lot more than other types of air conditioning, they are typically low maintenance and rarely need repair.

You don’t have to worry about potential water damage. Plus, central air conditioning allows you to cool multiple rooms at once and is also energy efficient. Today’s systems are built to keep your air clean, save space, reduce humidity in your home and can add resale value to your home.

Mini-Split, Ductless, Air Conditioners

If it’s more control you are looking for, the mini-split air conditioners may be right for your home. Units are placed in several different rooms in your home, allowing people in those rooms to control the temperature and fan.

This means you can be in the kitchen enjoying a lower temperature while you cook, and your partner can be in the bedroom with higher temperature if preferred.

They cost less than central air conditioning systems being installed by Phoenix air conditioning providers today. This is likely due to the lack of ducts being installed throughout your attic or basement.

Hybrid Air Conditioners

Want the best of both worlds during the Phoenix summer? Try a hybrid air conditioning system. This may be one of the most efficient versions of air conditioning because it uses state of the art technology, along with two or more ways to cool your home. Most hybrids rely on gas or oil furnaces with an electric heat pump.

They switch from oil to gas based on which is more efficient at the time. You no longer must choose one or the other. Some models can even be mounted on your roof rather than your yard.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling can cost more but can also get you more savings at tax time. This type of air conditioning system uses the earth itself to heat and cool your home. In the winter, the system draws heat from the ground and delivers it to your home.

In the summer, the system draws heat from inside your home and delivers it into the ground.

The best advice to get when considering an air conditioning replacement system is to work with an HVAC professional. They can give you honest feedback on whether you need a new system. If you do, they can then make recommendations for a new air conditioning system based on the needs and wants of your lifestyle, including budget.

Working together, you can get the system that will keep you cool all summer long.

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