08 May 2020

How Often Should We Service Our Air Conditioner?

Will you be hosting a party at your house this summer? You are not alone. Not all parties will be the same, of course. Some may be bridal or baby showers, some may be graduation parties, birthday celebrations, and some may be a multi-level marketing party for a friend or two. Just last year there were over 42 million direct sellers in the US.

Another shocking statistic comes from research done on barbecue parties. They found people host barbecue parties from late Spring to early Autumn. They also found that over a billion barbecue grills sold each year. And a glaring stat, Fourth of July is the day of most backyard parties.

That’s a whole lot of party going on.

So, what is the most important thing at each one of those summer parties? Yes, the air conditioner.

You want people leaving your home feeling better than when they arrived. You want them to laugh, relax, and forget about their worries for a few hours. One thing that can interfere with that goal is a broken air conditioner. People will leave feeling hot, sticky, and bitter. That’s not a good combination.

Servicing your air conditioner can help you avoid party failures this summer. Prepare for summer parties by maintaining your AC in the Spring. As Summer ends and Fall begins, you will be using your AC less and less. This is another excellent time to get your system serviced by an Arizona licensed HVAC professional.

What Does “Service” Our Air Conditioner Mean?

Servicing your air conditioner means you hire a Phoenix-area AC company to come to your home and inspect your air conditioning system. They have a maintenance checklist and know what to look for during the inspection.

Your local air conditioning technician will check the motor, blower, fans, drain lines, evaporator coils, connections, supply lines, refrigerant levels, and more. Professionals at AZ Perfect Comfort also make sure your system is clean inside and outside. Sometimes AC functioning can suffer simply due to debris or dirt buildup in places not evident to homeowners.

Other maintenance tasks performed by AC technicians include checking the thermostat, and if you have a newer system, they will check the technology that controls it.

What Happens If We Don’t Service Our AC?

Just because your AC is running, doesn’t always mean your AC is running efficiently. It could sound right, look right, and even feel right. But when you get your electric bill, you are shocked at the high cost. This could be because a minor issue needs adjusting.

For instance, filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, making the AC run less efficiently. This is also true for the coils, coil fins, and condensate drains.

Maintaining the smaller parts can extend the life of the more significant elements, like motors. Compare AC maintenance to car maintenance. As you put miles on it, you also need to make sure it has the right amount of oil, gas, fuses, and more. The same is true with your air conditioner. Minor attention now can give you many more miles of use.

Furthermore, maintenance always costs less than a repair or a replacement.

Why Hire HVAC Pros?

You’ve heard some version of this saying before, “You don’t go to a dentist for brain surgery.” Or, “You don’t get a veterinarian to deliver a baby.” You get the point.

HVAC pros are just that. They are professionals, experts, and kings of heating and cooling. They’ve received special education, specialized training and have years of experience in this field.

If you have a warranty with your air conditioning system, it may be a requirement that to keep the warranty active, maintenance must be done on the system.

Air conditioners can have electrical issues. Any time you are dealing with electrical matters, you want to call on HVAC experts in your Phoenix neighborhood.

Finally, hiring a pro saves you time. There’s nothing wrong with watching YouTube videos or searching Google for advice on how you can DIY your AC service. But do you want to spend hours of your time taking mini online courses with no guarantee you are servicing it correctly?

Keep in mind, your summer house parties. Your air conditioner breaks down even though you followed all the directions the YouTuber gave you. You don’t want to hear your mother or worse your stepmother, or even worse, your mother-in-law, ask you why you didn’t get your AC serviced before summer.

Call today, be prepared, enjoy a stress-free summer party at your home.

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