Hottest Trend in AC – Ductless or Zoned Systems

One of the hottest trends in Air Conditioning is the move from traditional single staged ducted systems to higher efficiency systems using inverter technology. Ductless (or zoned) systems are the fastest growing segment of the American air conditioning and heating market.  These ductless systems reduce energy costs and provide solutions for hot rooms, additions and renovations, Arizona rooms, homes without space for ductwork, or even entire homes where the owner is looking for an ultra-efficient system.

The Advantages

There is very little maintenance required and the life expectancy of these ductless inverter systems is 20 plus years compared to the 12- 15-year life expectancy of a traditional ducted air conditioning system.

How It Works

Advanced inverter technology can achieve consistent temperatures throughout your space by controlling compressor speed to only use the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your space. Longer run times allow more precise temperature and humidity control and less frequent starting and stopping of the system, thereby saving energy and keep utility costs low.  An added benefit is the quiet operation of both the indoor and outdoor portions of the system, operating as low as 19 dB which is quieter than a human whisper.

With ductless systems you can create a true zoned system, allowing you to fine tune your comfort to each specific location in your home or office.  Each room zone operates independently with separate temperature controls, so occupants of each room can determine their perfect comfort level.  There are several options for the indoor units from wall mounted to ceiling mounted cassettes to fit any interior design.  We can even connect to Wi-Fi so you can control your new system from any smart phone or computer.