05 Apr 2018

Do The Maintenance

Many people let their heating and cooling systems go unchecked for months, if not years. Sometimes this lack of AC service is due to the “out of sight, out of mind” tendency. Sometimes it’s due to procrastination or the unwillingness to shell out money when the equipment seemingly is working fine. It’s easy to take your heating and cooling system for granted, but this can be a costly mistake. Following are a few of the consequences you’ll have to deal with if you ignore maintenance:

Pricey Repairs
The idiom an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is valid; it truly is better to avoid problems to begin with than to fix them once they arise. Changing filters and cleaning your equipment is much more affordable compared to the cash outlay you’ll face when you have a major breakdown.

Useless Energy Loss
Dirt buildup, clogged drains and leaky ductwork are a few of the problems that diminish the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and make it work harder than it needs to. You can avoid wasting energy, and keep more money in your pocket, by scheduling a AZ Perfect Comfort tune-up at the beginning of each cooling and heating season.

Sacrificed Comfort
A neglected heating and cooling system can cause constant cycling and lead to an inability to maintain a consistent temperature. Neglect also increases the likelihood of poor indoor air quality and the danger of carbon monoxide leaks and wiring hazards.

Premature Replacement
A healthy life expectancy for an heating and cooling system is 15 to possibly 20 years, but it will wear out much sooner if you don’t take care of it. Regular heating and cooling maintenance extends the lifespan of your system; more significantly, it allows you to plan the replacement of your system rather than catching you unawares.

The key to ultimate comfort in Glendale, AZ, is to keep your heating and cooling system in good condition to prevent breakdowns, high energy bills and unhealthy indoor environments. To learn more about the AC service included in our heating and cooling maintenance, check out AZ Perfect Comfort’s Total Comfort service agreements or call 602-789-3000.