01 Aug 2020

Did You Know Your Ceiling Needs Saving?

We know it’s kind of a weird question to ask if your ceiling needs saving but hear us out. If your air conditioner is in your attic, you most definitely need to put safeguards in place to protect your ceiling from–get this–caving in. 

Yes, it is possible. If your attic air conditioner condensate drain pan overflows, water goes into your insulation, the insulation gets heavy and waterlogged, soaking the sheetrock, causing mold and mildew. What comes next is the ultimate demise of your ceiling and everything below it: your furniture, flooring–and your precious time and money to get everything repaired and replaced. 

Lucky for you, there is a way to keep an eye on your attic AC to keep it from overflowing and wreaking havoc in your home. A condensate safety switch is a super easy solution worth (more than) its weight in gold. 

Save Your Ceiling with a Condensate Safety Switch 

A condensate safety switch is like the security guard for your drain pan. It keeps an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t fill up or overflow. 

Here’s how it works. 

Your AC has a cold coil and a hot coil. The hot coil is on the outside of your home, and the cold coil is inside and has a fan blowing air over it. This creates condensation that should drain down the condensate drain and out the condensate line outside your home. But if the condensate line gets clogged up, or the condensate pan fills up for any other reason, it can overflow, setting off a chain of events you don’t want to happen, like the aforementioned ceiling cave in situation. 

AZ Perfect Comfort to the Rescue 

Consider a condensate safety switch another smart preventive maintenance measure to keep your AC running smoothly, while you go on living your life. Installing a condensate safety switch is an easy and inexpensive solution to what could be a burdensome and expensive problem. When you call AZ Perfect Comfort, our certified HVAC techs will come to your home, inspect your air conditioner, determine the right switch for your system, and install it. 

Save Your Ceiling and Call AZ Perfect Comfort Today 

Protect Your Home From Power Surges 

If you’re like most of us, there’s a good chance that you have a surge protector for your TV, your computer, your laptop–electronics you don’t want to reinvest in when they die due to power fluctuations. 

But, did you know you can protect all of your electronics and appliances with a whole-home surge protector? 

Again– if you’re like most of us, the thought of putting in a whole-home surge protector hasn’t really occurred to you. Unless, of course, you’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing your refrigerator, air conditioner, or other essential appliance in a storm or power surge. 

But, if you’re like a lot of folks, you might be wondering just how big a problem power surges really are. 

Are Power Surges All That Common? 

Taking measures to protect your home from power surges is kind of like having an insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it, but you’re protected, just in case. 

The most common–and powerful–cause of a power surge is a lightning strike. But surges can also occur due to faulty wiring, power outages, and electrical overloads. While you can fix faulty wiring and prevent electrical overloads, unfortunately, the other causes are out of your hands. And especially during monsoon season in Arizona, you just never know. 

Your best bet to keep your home and family safe when the unexpected arises is to install a surge protector for your air conditioning system. 

As They Say, An Ounce of Protection… 

Here at AZ Perfect Comfort, we’re big fans of preventive maintenance. That’s why we recommend surge protectors, so you don’t have to go through the agony of losing 

your essential appliances, like air conditioning, and exposing your family and home to the dangerous Arizona triple-digit heat. 

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Installing a surge protector involves accessing the power supply to your air conditioner, making it a job best left to the professionals at AZ Perfect Comfort. For a free assessment and quote, contact the HVAC experts at AZ Perfect Comfort.