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Pack up your cool-weather clothes and break out the flip-flops. Phoenix, AZ is heating up and only getting hotter. Summer is on its way! When the seasons change, there’s always a to-do list to shed everything that was “so last season.” Time to get prepped for the months ahead.  And if an AC tune-up isn’t on your list of things to check before summer arrives, make sure to add it.

Your air conditioner requires annual maintenance for a couple of reasons. First, you want to make sure your air conditioning system can keep up on scorching Phoenix 100+ degree summer days. Second, there are things that can go wrong, so it is best to check on those minor issues, such as refrigerant levels, electrical connections, etc., at least once a year. How much is an AC service going to save you? Considering the time, money, and hassle you can save when addressing simple AC repairs, rather than a whole-home AC system replacement when a minor issue turns major–it’s significant.

“Proper [HVAC] maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems. Contractors get busy during the summer and winter months, so it is best to check the cooling system in spring and the heating system in the fall. Plan the check-ups around the beginning and end of daylight-saving time each spring and fall.” –

What Is Included In The Tune-Up?

AZ Perfect Comfort certified HVAC technicians are highly trained to perform the following maintenance and checks in an air conditioning tune-up appointment.

Condenser Coil Cleaning

The condenser coils play a serious role in cooling the warm air and making sure it gets into your home. If your air conditioning system has dirty condenser coils, it can affect how energy efficient your air conditioning is and how well it cools your home. Our team will thoroughly clean your AC condenser coils to cut down on wear and tear on your system and help save on energy costs.

Refrigerant Check

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is what cools the air. When your AC is low on refrigerant, your home may not cool off as quickly as you would like, or it may indicate there is a leak somewhere. We check the refrigerant levels, and if we detect any leaks, our certified technicians can repair them for you.

Thermostat Calibration

Your thermostat should be checked and calibrated once a year to ensure accuracy and make sure you have complete control over the temperature of your home.

Ductwork Inspection

You could be losing energy and not even know it if there are leaks in your ductwork. An annual AC tune-up will include a check of your ductwork to catch any leaks and help ensure your system runs efficiently.

Electrical Connection

CheckEven a minor issue with an electrical connection in your air conditioning can cause the system to shut down completely. Plus, it’s unsafe. We check all the electrical connections to prevent such issues from occurring.

Blower Motor & Belt Inspection

Your home won’t stay cool if the blower assembly isn’t doing its job. We conduct a thorough inspection of the blower motor and belt, looking for signs of damage. Then we clean it and make sure it runs like new.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Costs

How much does an AC tune-up cost in comparison to air conditioning repair? When it comes to maintaining your home, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Setting an annual air conditioning tune-up appointment with a trusted air conditioning service provider can save you time and money. They will give your HVAC system a thorough check and make minor repairs, as needed, which can be much less expensive than waiting until there is a significant problem with your air conditioner.

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Reach out to our team at AZ Perfect Comfort to schedule your spring AC tune-up. You can expect us to do a complete inspection of your system, looking for anything that may affect your safety, energy efficiency, and comfort.

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Once we know how much cooling power your home needs, we’ll work with you to find the right air conditioner to suit your cooling load and budget. We carry a range of air conditioners to fit different price points, and we’ll help you compare the short-term and long-term costs of each. With the right air conditioner in hand, we’ll install it in your home, making sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications as well as state and local codes. You’ll be set up with effective cooling for years to come.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance
Losing your air conditioner in the midst of the summer heat is more than an inconvenience: It can threaten your family’s health. That’s why we at AZ Perfect Comfort are here to provide the top-notch air conditioning repair Phoenix residents need. Our technicians will come to your home, give you a detailed estimate and, if necessary, help you compare repair and replacement options before beginning work. We’re proud to say we can resolve most air conditioning issues in a single visit.

Brands We Service

We have excellent technicians who are trained and certified to service all brands of HVAC units including:



Air Knight

Air temp




Amana A

American Standard










Day & Night



First Company









International Comfort Products



Mammoth, Inc.








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