19 Apr 2020

AC Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

Is running your air conditioner costing you the money you could be spending on other necessities? You are likely not alone. The Energy Information Association reports 87% of homes in America have air conditioning systems, with 75% of those being central units.

The Department of Energy estimates American spends nearly $30 million on air conditioning every year. But could this number be less? Yes, there are many ways to save money when it comes to using your air conditioner, and it all starts with maintenance.

An Energy Consumption Survey found the people who implemented maintenance practices reported their air conditioning unit lasted over 40% longer than those who did not maintain their system.

To help you become part of the Phoenix group with longer-lasting A.C. units, we have put together a list of maintenance tips that will extend the life of your system and save you money.

Tip: Clean or Replace Your Filter

Air filters are hard-working parts of your air conditioning system. They trap dirt and allergens. They can only handle so much, however.
If buildup gets too thick on the filter, it won’t be able to work correctly. It may even begin to restrict airflow. It must work overtime, and the harder it works, the more energy it uses, and the more it costs.

Changing your filter, or cleaning a permanent filter, at least once a month, will save you money each month. Filters are inexpensive and can be purchased through a local HVAC company.

Tip: Maintain Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is another crucial element that helps your air conditioner run efficiently. It helps the heat pump cycle out hot air from your home and push cool air into your home. If refrigerant levels are low, the pumps must work much harder to help you reach your preferred temperature.
Harder work means higher costs. Make sure your refrigerant levels are proper, and you will save money.

Tip: Check All the Parts

Okay, so this suggestion will be hard for you to do unless you are in the HVAC industry. For this maintenance tip, you will need to contact your local Phoenix area air conditioning repair company.

You are not calling for a repair, however. You are calling to prevent a repair. Spending a small amount of money to have a pro check out your system can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills.

An HVAC technician can inspect your entire unit and let you know if any faulty parts need to be replaced. They can tell you what those funny noises are, that by the way, are other reasons you are paying more money each month. They can even assess the age of your system.

Air conditioners do not last forever. The new units today are built to conserve energy. You can even get a tax break by installing a newer model.

Tip: Check Your Ductwork

Ducts are how the air travels throughout your home. If there is a leak in your ductwork, your air conditioning system will have to work harder to push air past the hole where the air is leaking. This will use more energy and, yes, cost more money. This is another “call a local Phoenix area technician” for help task. While they are at your house, they can give you a complete system assessment.

Tip: Check All the Other Possible Causes

You could have a brand-new air conditioner, but if other parts of your home are inefficient, so will be your heating and cooling system. For instance, how old are the windows in your home? Are they letting airflow in and out around the edges? If so, this can raise utility costs.

This is another time to call your local HVAC company. They can assess your whole home to find possible reasons for higher electricity costs. Things like poor installation, faulty electrical cords, inaccurate thermostats, and even how well your home is weatherized from the hot Phoenix atmosphere.

Any of these can make your air conditioner work harder to reach the goal of your desired temperature.

You can probably see a pattern forming, one like the working industry in America. If someone must work overtime, the company must pay them for that time. Your air conditioner is like an employee. If it must work overtime, you will have to pay more.

To avoid this, let the Phoenix air conditioning professionals look to make sure your air conditioner is running efficiently before the summer rush.

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