26 Mar 2020

5 Ways to Address Indoor Air Quality When You’re Forced to Stay Home

Stay home. Those are the orders you’ve been given. The prevention of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is the priority in America today. Overall, everyone seems to be doing a great job. Plus, you’re caught up on chores, sleep and family time. It’s like the universe recognized you needed a break.

After days or weeks of being cooped up, however, you recognize problems in your home, specifically the air. You notice that musty smell that lingers from room to room. The dust particles floating through the sun’s rays. Or, the air that once felt dry is now making you feel sticky and moist.

In Phoenix, this is the time of year when it can be cold one day and warm the next. Since you have been home, you notice your heating and cooling unit is not making the adjustment like it should.

Questions frantically run through your mind, “Is the air in my home safe? What if I get sick when I’m confined to my home? What if my HVAC system breaks? Am I even able to call for help with these HVAC issues?

We can answer those questions and give you at least five tips to help you manage your indoor air quality and keep yourself healthy during the coronavirus scare.

  1. Call Your Phoenix HVAC Professionals
    Yes, you can still call your local HVAC technician. Remember when The President told all “non-essential” workers to stay home? Well, HVAC guys in Phoenix are essential, at least for emergencies. Installers and Technicians, like the ones at AZ Perfect Comfort, are still here for you if you have an emergency or feel like you may need a new heating and cooling system. Just keep in mind, an HVAC emergency is more like when you smell smoke coming from your unit, and less like when your filter needs to be changed. Speaking of filters…
  1. Change Your Filters
    You should be changing your filters at least once a month, no matter what type of system is installed in your home. Dust buildup can create clogs that can cause your air conditioning and heating unit to be sluggish or even malfunction. Because you are staying in your home non-stop these days, it’s important you skip the cheaper fiberglass filters that are more fitting for when you come and go throughout the day. Because your indoor air quality needs to be healthy right now, use filters like the MERV8 and extend the life of your HVAC unit. Don’t leave your house to buy filters, purchase your filters here and have them delivered directly to your door, with free shipping.
  1. Get an Air Purification Solution
    Your Phoenix area HVAC company can install a purification system that will resolve any problems you are having with indoor air quality. One of the best is the Reme Halo induct air purification system. It eliminates the “stuff” in your air that could potentially make you sick. Things like bacteria, pollen, smoke, and mold. It’s important you call now to get your system, though, as many Phoenix HVAC contractors have limited supply due to the recent rise in demand. You may be hesitant to have this installed now. You are worried about your HVAC technician coming into your home. What if they have the coronavirus. It’s normal to have these thoughts but we take extra steps to ensure your safety.
  1. HVAC Technician Safety Protocols
    If you call someone from AZ Perfect Comfort for help, you can rest easy knowing we follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines for safety. For instance, we wear gloves and masks, wash our hands using outside sources when available. If there is no outside water system, washing hands inside is necessary. Sanitizing wipes, social-distancing of at least six feet, and not requiring written signatures to avoid the sharing of pens are a few more techniques we have implemented. Most importantly, we reschedule your appointment if there is even the slightest hint of an illness. If you do the same, that makes all of us safer in our environments. Read how AZ Perfect Comfort are taking extra steps to keep you safe during the COVID-19 outbreak (Our Covid-19 Protocols).
  1. Maintenance = Prevention = Good Health
    You hear it all the time from the medical industry, prevention is the key to good health. The more you do to avoid poor health, the less likely you are to experience it. Avoiding smoking cigarettes to avoid lung cancer. Maintain a healthy weight to avoid heart disease. The same is true for your indoor air quality. Get the Phoenix HVAC professionals to service your heating and cooling system now so you can avoid future problems.

AZ Perfect Comfort makes maintenance easy with their Perfect Comfort Club. Starting from $15.75 per month, you get top priority in routine maintenance visits, which will begin in mid-April this year. You also get priority scheduling over non-members. You can join the Perfect Comfort club today for as little as $15.75 a month. Click here to learn more.

It’s programs like this that help you worry less so you can enjoy your time at home, while it lasts.

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