20 Apr 2020

5 Common AC Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

It’s almost that time again. You get a little excited just thinking about it. It may happen at the annual family reunion barbecue you host at your home. Everyone will be so excited when you turn it on, the air conditioner, that is.

You turn it on, and everything runs until it doesn’t. About twenty minutes into your reunion, you notice something is wrong with your air conditioner. You keep smiling and passing out food, but inside you are freaking out.

This is Arizona, and you know in a couple of hours it will be scorching. You don’t want the only thing people remember from your reunion is the sauna that once was called your living room.

We have a way to avoid this scenario. We live and work in this same Phoenix area, so we get it. A working air conditioner is a top priority. We want to tell you about five common AC problems so that when you’re testing your system out now before summer arrives, you can call us for help long before your family comes.

  1. Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioner sounds and runs okay, but just isn’t sending cold air into the room, this likely means you are low on refrigerant or coolant. The low refrigerant also means your air conditioner is not pulling out heat and humidity from your home.

This can be caused by a leak or multiple leaks that need to be found and patched by a Phoenix HVAC expert. It can also trigger your coils to freeze, so don’t wait to get it checked.

  1. Thermostat Issues

It’s pretty cool that advancements in technology have made it possible for you to set the temperature on an appliance and that simple action sends a message to the right components of the AC that then work to produce air at the temperature you desire.

Technology is not a perfect thing, however. Sometimes the thermostat can malfunction. You can get our local Arizona licensed HVAC technician to recalibrate your thermostat in no time.


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  1. Fans Not Blowing

The fans are what help get the hot air out and the cold air in. If the fan motors are not working, your air conditioner will turn on, but you won’t feel any air coming out of it. Other causes for motor malfunction include dirt and debris buildup, being too dry and in need of lubrication, and worn belts.

These are relatively easy fixes for a trained air conditioner repair technician. Whatever you do, don’t wait to call for help. This small problem can quickly turn into a big problem if left untreated.

  1. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

You turn on your air conditioner, and the power goes off in your home. You go to your breaker box and reset the tripped breakers. You turn on your air conditioner, and the power goes off in your home. You reset the tripped breakers. You can see the pattern here, and yes, it is frustrating.

There are several reasons why your circuit breaker keeps tripping when you turn on the AC. One, your switch is old, weak, or both and may need to be replaced. Two, your compressor may not be adequately grounded. You may also have a problem with your condenser and capacitor.

Instead of trying to figure out all these HVAC terms on your own, call your local heating and cooling repair guys in Phoenix and let them explain what is going on with your AC.

  1. Weird Sounds and Strange Smells

Your air conditioner is a hard-working machine. But it is not supposed to make clinks, clangs, bangs, or screeches. It’s also not supposed to smell funky.

Call the pros at AZ Perfect Comfort if these issues arise. Your air conditioner could be working so hard that the electrical components are overheating, creating a foul odor. Or, a part may have come loose, causing strange noises.

Both odors and noises could be caused by debris buildup or something obstructing parts of the AC.

Rather than YouTubing a video on how to DIY your air conditioning problems, let the experts resolve your issue. You want to make sure your AC is in top condition with the annual family reunion barbecue just around the corner.

The best way to help fix your AC is to be aware of these five common problems so you can explain them to your Phoenix-based HVAC professional.

Oh, and don’t forget, HVAC technicians love barbecue.

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