04 Apr 2018

3 Ways to Keep Your Sun Room Warm in the Winter

Keeping the sun room warm in your Phoenix area home is a perfect way to take in some of nature while remaining comfortable. However, during the winter, the sheer amount of windows allows tons of the heat to escape, making the room uncomfortable, especially when the sun goes down. Here are a few ways to maintain the perfect temperature in your sunroom this winter.

Install a Separate Heating & Cooling System

While this may cost a little more, having a separate heating and cooling system for your sun room helps it maintain the desired temperature, and cuts on some of the energy costs. Using a ductless system is probably the best way to go, as they’re easier to install and more efficient than traditional systems. A ductless unit also allows you to turn the unit on or off depending on whether you’re using the room, cutting the cost of heating the entire home.

Portable Solutions

Portable units often provide enough comfort for sun rooms, while also being less expensive. The two best portable solutions are space heaters or electric fireplaces. Both of these heat sources give ample warmth for small to medium-sized sun rooms, and electric fireplaces also provide a soothing faux-flame to the room.

Extended Ductwork

The chances are that your sun room has no ductwork, especially if it was an addition to the home. Although it’s not exactly energy-efficient, you can take existing ductwork and extend it to the sunroom. Then, you can control the temperature of the sun room with the central thermostat in your house. Doing this ductwork yourself is time-consuming and somewhat difficult, so if you’re unsure how to do it, opt for an heating and cooling professional.

You don’t need to abandon your sun room in the winter just because of the cold temperatures. In fact, by following these tips, you’ll assure yourself of a room where everyone wants to spend their time, whether it’s in comfortable solitude or with friends and family. If you’re considering some heating solutions, contact AZ Perfect Comfort today at 602-789-3000.