Furnce Inspection in Phoenix, AZ
15 Jun 2020

3 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace in the Summertime

Have you ever been waiting to catch a flight at the airport, looking out the big glass windows to see the planes below being serviced? Workers are checking the tires, refueling the gas tanks, testing motors, and cleaning the windshields.

Whew! That’s the word that comes to mind as you allow your nerves to relax. You can sit back and enjoy your flight because the plane has been serviced and cleared to fly.

This Winter, the Arizona air will chill, and it will be time to turn on your furnace. What word will come to mind if your furnace doesn’t run? Instead of thinking of words, you may be thinking of all the signs you missed last year, signs from your furnace telling you it was time for a replacement.

Visible Signs Your Furnace Needs Replaced

Thinking back to the previous Winter, you may recall days when the heat in your home was unreliable. One day your home felt too hot, one day it was too cold. The temperature in your home never matched the number on the thermostat.

You remember your energy bills were higher than the previous year. What you don’t remember about your furnace, however, is its age. Did the owner before you buy the furnace or the owner before them? Do you need to call an HVAC pro to determine the age of your furnace?

It could be time to replace your furnace if you can relate to any of these more obvious signs. There are also hidden signs.

Hidden Signs Your Furnace Needs Replaced

Many furnaces are stored in a basement. If your basement has flooded, for example, the heater could be at risk for water damage. According to the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, floodwater carries chemicals that can erode your furnace, creating a safety hazard.

Furnaces have a lot of parts. If these parts are submerged in water, they can rust and malfunction.

This is especially dangerous if the part affected is the heat exchanger. That’s because the heat exchanger can leak carbon monoxide if rusted or cracked or damaged in any way. Because this gas is odorless and toxic, you could be breathing it in and not know it.

Your Arizona licensed HVAC expert will recommend replacing your furnace every time because your safety is the top priority.

Replace Your Furnace Now

If you recognize any sign, visible or hidden, it’s time for a new furnace. Calling now, rather than waiting until Winter, has many advantages. Below are three of the top reasons your local heating and cooling company advises you to replace it in the Summertime.

  1. It’s Just Sitting There Your furnace produces heat, one of the last things you are interested in feeling right now. If you want to feel the heat, you have access to Arizona outdoors. Since your furnace is not in use, and won’t be for a while, now is the perfect time to have it replaced.
  1. Faster Service in the middle of Winter, local heating technicians are on-call and busy answering service requests. In the Summer, they aren’t receiving many calls about furnace repairs and replacement. For you, this means less waiting time, quicker assessments, and speedy installation.
  1. Save Money Remember, during the COVID-19 early days when there was a shortage of toilet paper, flour, and sugar? There were some willing to pay higher prices for these items. Let’s face it; there were some people ready to fight for these items.

The shortage of supplies created a demand for them.

The same theory applies to buying a furnace. When people discover their system is not functioning, the demand for a furnace increases in the Winter season. In the Winter, prices of both the furnace and installation rise.

In the Summer, however, demand is low. You can work with the HVAC company in your Phoenix neighborhood to apply discounts and sales from furnace manufacturers.

One final way you save money by replacing your furnace is that you will be purchasing a modern heater designed to be more efficient. Lower utility bills are something everyone can appreciate.

Bonus Reason

Replacing your furnace in the Summertime means a Phoenix-area heating and cooling technician will inspect your entire HVAC system. From ductwork to coils and vents, a complete assessment will be given at no extra cost to you. And they will complete the inspections before and after your furnace is replaced.

Maintenance service like this is invaluable and gives you that “Whew” feeling, representing a feeling of relief that you have one less worry this Winter.