16 Apr 2020

24 Hour Emergency AC Repair Saves Lives

If your air conditioner stops working in April, you may not consider it a crisis because the temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. If it’s late July or August in Phoenix, then you know it’s time to call our 24-hour emergency AC repair service line for fast repairs!

According to AZ Central, deaths related to heat set a record high in Phoenix in 2018. It was reported that 182 people died.

Heat can lead to dangerous health crises.

Health Problems Related to Heat

If your air conditioning breaks during the hot summer heat, you may experience negative consequences. Heat cramps are a condition that happens when someone gets overheated and may also be dehydrated. Heat cramps can be very painful.

Another, more dangerous problem is heat exhaustion. Not only will you have cramps, but you may also experience nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, and headaches. Heatstroke involves all these symptoms and much more.

Hallucinations, body temperature above 104, seizures, loss of consciousness, and even major changes in pulse and breathing, sweating, or dehydration.

Keeping your air conditioner functioning properly is essential to avoiding these symptoms inside your home.

No matter what time of day or night, if your air conditioner breaks and there is any possibility of your getting overheated, it is an emergency and you should call for help from your local area technician for help.

There are also times when your system is in need of emergency care.

Air Conditioner SOS Calls

If you are like most people when your air conditioner breaks, you dread calling for help. You may not want to bother your air conditioning repair guy in the middle of the night. You may want to try to fix it yourself. You may hope and pray it magically repairs itself if it gets time to “rest”.

No matter what type of air conditioning system you have here are some signs that will help you know when it’s time to call for emergency ac repair.

The Air Conditioner Makes Too Many Crazy Sounds

Your air conditioner is going to make sounds, especially when kicking on and off to adjust temperatures. Those are normal and you will get used to those sounds and eventually will not pay much attention to them.

Then there may be times when you recognize different, louder, or strange sounds coming from your air conditioning unit. Sounds you have never heard before. This is a time you should call for an emergency air conditioning technician for advice.

You will be able to describe the sounds and the technician will advise you as to what to do until he or she can get there for inspection and repair.

Smells Like Something is Burning

Ever been relaxing on the couch, watching television, when you smell something funny. You analyze it for a while, hoping it will go away. It doesn’t and you get off the couch to locate the source of the smell. You go to the kitchen first. Then to other places in your home that could produce a burning smell.

You check the washer and dryer, the furnace and eventually you figure out the burning smell is coming from your air conditioner. This is not good. In fact, it is an emergency.

Call your local air conditioning repair company right away. They will first advise you to cut off all electricity running to the unit because this is a serious electrical problem. Once you have done that, do nothing else. Your local pros will take care of the rest.

Abnormal Air Flow

If you have your air conditioner running and the air is not flowing as it should or as cold as it should, you’ve got a big problem. Sure, you can try to turn it off and on again. You can fiddle with the knobs and the vents. You can even talk to or yell at your system. Unfortunately, you will need a repair technician in your neighborhood to check it out.

Airflow problems

There are many problems that can lead to airflow problems, some of which you can fix yourself, like changing filters and clearing debris from vents and the condenser unit.

If your ducts are clogged, however, call the ductwork specialists, like the ones at AZ Perfect Comfort, who have been working on blocked and leaky ducts for years. They can also fix thermostat problems, and issues with blower fans, dirty coils, refrigerant or coolant.

When in doubt, call for help. Avoid putting yourself in potential danger. Allow the neighborhood experts to figure it out.

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